Fantastic logos What importance do logos hold in successful business?

It is perhaps difficult to see to begin with how a logo could be anywhere near as important as a business plan, a fantastic workforce, or an inspirational leader to a successful business. However, a logo, to many, is the business. 


To an outsider, it is the first layer they see; it encapsulates a business with its colors, its simplicity, and its quality. Without a good logo, nothing would be recognizable: an industry-leading business could not be picked out on the high street and company names would be rendered intangible. 


To truly understand the importance of logos, it is good to begin to think of the very best there are. 


The best logos


All of the world’s best logos have the same aspects in common: they are simple, they are memorable, they are purposeful, they are timeless and they are versatile. There is no point in a logo if it is complicated, easily forgotten, meaningless, old-fashioned and restrictive. A logo should encapsulate the heart and soul of a business, and that is what the best ones do.


The shimmering golden arches of McDonalds are a beacon of comfort and direction, what many are looking for in a cheap and quick meal. The Olympic rings symbolize togetherness, success in being bold, and the simplicity of winning or losing. Adidas’ stripes are reflected in their clothing and appear clean cut and modern, as well as having an air of being in the public consciousness for decades. 


Improving sales


The right logo not only inspires and sparks imagination, but it can also boost sales. Through providing an excellent first impression on customers, a logo can draw in the public. Recognizable logos breed confidence and trust: if a customer knows a brand, they could be more likely to purchase from it. This is also because fantastic logos cause a business to stand out, and above, its competitors. 


Building trust and recognition


As previously mentioned, trust and recognition are enhanced by a solid, eye-catching logo. It has been reported that for many people, trust, transparency and communication are as important as price when choosing where to spend their money, 


While this cannot be achieved with a logo alone, it is all part of the business package. A logo will also become synonymous with any news or press coverage that consumers read on their smartphones or watch on television. 


If a company is doing fantastic work in the community, is owning up to its own mistakes, and providing excellent customer service, these acts will be reported on including an image of what should be a memorable logo. Then, the next time a consumer is walking up the high street, the logo instantly reminds them of the other superb attributes of the company. 


What about bad logos?


Bad logos can truly let down an excellent business model. A poor logo makes the outside of a store look unappealing and diminishes the air of professionalism. Companies should not be afraid to scrap bad logos quickly, changing to something sleeker and more meaningful. 

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