Tiki Asks : Do you have a favorite gaming console?

I’ve been messing around with a Wii that we bought several years ago but never really played with.  Made me wonder why in god’s name the motion controls ever really made it big, I really do detest them.  Additionally, the screen is pretty damn blurry and isn’t really all that pretty at all.  I have a dongle coming that promises to clear things up, but I’m not holding my breath.

In terms of pure memories, my favorite console has got to be the Sega Genesis.  It had all the right games and I had tons of fun on it.

Do you have a favorite console system?

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    It only does everything.


    Well if one invest in the launch model PS3 then you’re on easy street from there on out

    On Nostalgia factor alone it’s practically deadlocked between the PS2 and PS1 for me there’s simply too many memories tied to those machines for me

    Currently the PS Vita is my favorite machine
    I’ve been cramming hard on all the PS1 & PSP games I’ve missed or never got the chance to finish thanks to that little guy


    Correction: it only does everything I want it to do – even though it ain’t the launch model.


    I had a Sega Genesis. I added a chip to make it compatible with Japanese Mega Drive carts. That might have only been a Canadian necessity, but I tell you it took some balls as a kid to take apart your Sega and hope you didn’t fry it.

    I’ve been PC. I have a steamlink, but it’s complete bullshit. Sure, it could play all my pc games on the tv – but the steam big screen mode interface is such crap to navigate that I still just play off the computer.


    I still buy cheap games for my original Xbox. But I do miss my old C64 most out of all the systems I’ve owned down the years.


    Oh they’re all horribly dated now of course. But I still find it fun to play the games like Wolverine’s Revenge, Punisher, Prisoner of War, or the early Ghost Recon games.


    L shift O ,8 ,1

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