Tiki Asks : How many times have you moved in your life?

I’m about to hit the second longest time that I’ve ever lived in a single home.  The longest so far is when I moved from Massachusettes to Florida and lived in Pasco County from age 4 until I left for college at 18.  I then bounced around from college dorm to back home to college house to back home to college house, then moving every couple years until I bought my own place about 5 years ago.  I’m really starting to want to move again, but owning means that I’m either going to have to have a second mortgage or sell the one that I currently have, and with the market being what it is locally, I don’t think I’m going to be able to sell for any amount of profit.


So how many places have you lived?  Any interesting moving stories?

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    I remember 22 places by the time I hit 18. But haven’t moved for the last 15 years.


    Moved once. Lived in the same room for 27 years then got my own little place.


    I have moved 17 times, and the current stint of 6 years is the longest I have been in any single place (also owned).

    Two of those moves happened on new years eve one of which lasted until 6am new years day due to inefficient roommates.

    I have helped dozens of people move (and been helped by them in turn) the strangest of which involved tossing a hide-a-bed couch off a 2nd floor balcony and filling a 26′ truck with only the stuff that could fit in a dorm room, it did not even cover the floor.


    The size of truck they reserved was unavailable, so the options were smaller, or larger at no extra cost, they opted for larger just to be safe. As for logistical nightmare it was not to bad as we had a driver capable of parallel parking the 26 foot truck on city streets with no more than 5 feet of clearance.


    20 times. 34 yrs old. First two were 9 years each. College was crazy. I bounced around houses for 5 years. Military didn’t help things either.


    I’ve moved 6 times, but 3 of them were to the same house. Moved in the first time in ’77, moved out in ’86, came back in ’90, moved out in ’92, then back in ’99 because I bought it! The other moves were school and stuff. Exciting, huh?


    When I was in university we had a funk band set up their recording studio in our (haunted and very “silence of the lambs”) basement to help pay the rent. It was the best ever, but our stoner housemate couldn’t help getting high and banging away on their drums and messing with their tuning when they weren’t around. So they moved out, leaving us poorer financially and spiritually. I’ve lived in a few places but not a huge number of times like some of you drifters. I’ve been in this house 8 years but I’m now considering a big move.… Read more »


    24 times – 7 as a child, 2 when married, the rest as an adult. Longest stint was 20 whilst married.


    4 times while living with my parents, twice living on my own. Only interesting thing to note is that the first time on my own I had a roommate that was such a pig, when I finally moved out I had to throw out my couch because it had absorbed so much stink from her house. We opened the back of the U-haul and the stench just rolled out. How bad was it living there? She wouldn’t wash dishes until she ran out of clean ones. When I finally gave up and stopped using the kitchen altogether and let her… Read more »



    Cornish boy 73

    10 times in total from the UK and New Zealand

    8 times UK
    2 times NZ


    13 times. Twice with my family, from Seattle to Detroit, then Detroit to Anchorage Alaska. Eleven times on my own. Apartments until I bought my house. I will die in this place.

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