Tiki Asks: When was your last vacation and where did you go?

I’m about to dip out for a vacation to MA, USA and would love to hear where you guys get off to for your own vacations.  Anywhere interesting?  How often do you take your vacations?

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    My last vacation I went to Paris France, Normandy France, and London, England. That was back in 2012. I also went on a cruise to Cozumel last year, but it totally sucked and I couldn’t wait to get home, so I don’t even count that as a vacation as much as an inconvenience.


    I’m not saying all cruises suck, just that mine did, and maybe that’s just because of me. I’ll preface this by saying it was the only cruise I’ve been on, and it was with Carnival Cruises, which I’ve since found out is like the Wal-Mart of cruise lines. People that have gone on more upscale ones have said they loved it. I imagine for people that don’t live near the beach it would be more fun. I live on the west coast of Florida, so there was no novelty in laying out and getting some sun. I can do that… Read more »

    Dyon 86

    Not done a cruise and never really interested in one and you just summed up everything I thought it might be, was looking at going to Cozumel/Cancun next year. Might do a Yucatan tour instead.


    Glad I could provide some insight.

    Dyon 86

    yea thanks, that was perfection! (Can’t reply direct???)

    …we can go on those?
    fuck, time to quit job


    get a job at post office
    go postal?


    Well, back in 2013 I took a three month vacation at a homeless shelter in Morristown NJ… wouldn’t recommend it.

    Beyond that, I don’t know, New England is boring as shit and large parts of it need to be set ablaze.


    In March of last year I went to the Czech Republic, with a weekend in Germany. The cost of the flight was hefty (about $1200) but once in CZ everything cost about 1/4 US prices.


    Not anytime recently. They became a country in ’93 after Czechoslovakia split in two. You may be thinking of Ukraine? CZ feels like a sleepy Euro village. No fights with the Ruskie lovers, no acts of terror, no flow of refugees etc. etc. It seems pretty isolated from any regions of conflict. Everyone there was so mild mannered. My fiancee was attending college in Hradec Kralove (sounds nothing like the words look) and was born in CZ so I flew out there to spend a few weeks. Now I feel no reason to visit a place like Paris since CZ… Read more »


    A wee bit longer than 20 yahren ago, I went to Connecticut with my then wife to visit her distant family.
    Nuthin’ since, not sure if I care anymore.


    Good point!
    Definitely the latter, and I am aging too badly for much of the former.
    I’d probably be good for Minneapolis to Chicago, but I don’t see Chicago as a very friendly destination, lately.


    I’m not complaining though, I did a LOT of traveling in the continental U.S. when I was healthier.


    Went to Prague; Ingolstadt, Germany; and Lindau, Germany last fall. Went to Stresa and Intra, Italy this spring. Just came back from Gruyere and Fribourg, Switzerland. Heading out to Dublin in 2 weeks. Will take the ferry to Normandy, France and kill a few days there. Hop a train to Brussels, Belgistan after that for the Brussels Beer Weekend (it is brilliant). Hopefully I still remember how to speak some Irish and French. It has been a while. Note: I still have several weeks of vacation, so I am not sure where to go for Christmas. Germany, France and Switzerland… Read more »


    I live in Switzerland now. Luzern is hopelessly beautiful.

    I have killed a few months in Dublin a few years back. The touristy parts were nice. The slums were slums. I prefer the country. Wexford is a bit dull. Cork is good. Beamish is by far the best brewer in Ireland.

    France is nice too. Many people who know nothing have a bad opinion of France. They can fuck off. France is great in it’s own way. Which reminds me… need to practice French…


    Dyon 86

    Beamish … oh sweet memories … I’d forgot about the Beamish!
    Wexford is dull haha so true but you missed Wicklow, “the Garden of Ireland”, the Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough the most beautiful spot in the world .. ok Ireland .. ok Wicklow. Cork and Kerry – bring a translator! Love Dublin.
    France is great, esp the Dordogne region. Drove from Bordeaux to Rocamadour once, taking in some neanderthal caves on the way and the most amazing drive thu the mountain back roads on the way back.
    Oh the Beamish …I’d forgot about the Beamish.


    Beamish is truly spectacular.

    You should really give the Brussels Beer Weekend a go. I go nearly every year. The Brussels Grootemarkt (Grande Place(FR)) is beautiful, and you get to stand there and drink from 300 some varieties of Belgian beer. Good way to kill a day or two.


    Just went out camping two weeks in Gaspe, Quebec living among the whales, bears, and francophones. Amazing mircrobreweries and artery clogging camp food, like frying toast in your bacon fat.

    I would have liked to spend some time in Quebec City and Montreal, which are truly great cities. But I was travelling with my dog, R2 (Yes, R2 as in R2D2, but also “Ralph Two” after my first dog) which limits where you eat and sleep.

    The look on my 20 lb dog’s face when he met a 70,000 lb humpback whale was worth it.


    We go to Portland, Maine in October because it’s F’in beautiful that time of year. Even the drive down through Massachusetts is incredible. We have friends that run harvest events all Autumn long, like food tastings, wine, whiskey and beer tastings and we get VIP’d in so that rocks pretty hard.
    Then in February, we go to Fort Lauderdale and crash at my aunt’s time share free of charge. That’s pretty amazing as well.


    my most recent one, I took my family on a 10 day camping trip through California. Started at the sequoia forest for a couple days, then went to just south of Monterey. Visited the aquarium and stayed 2 nights in Big Sur on the coast. Hung out at the beach for a bit. Ended up outside of Ventura in a small town called Ojai. It was a lot of fun. Last year we went on an Alaskan cruise. That was well worth it. Would love to do that again. The best part was when they took us into Glacier Bay.… Read more »

    Dyon 86

    Last hol was 2 years ago, damn. However it was a major vacation and expensive, we went to San Francisco, Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur then drove to Vegas for a week and then back to L.A. for another week.
    It was magnificent and horrible at the same time (bad cos of the in-laws who came with us)
    Next April was thinking of a cruise to Mexico but might drop the cruise part due to rising costs and end up just doing a stay there.


    I loved Mexico. Past tense. For the past 10 years Mexico is off my travel list. Too much risk. I would suggest that you pass on Mexico.

    Next time I am in the region (perhaps next spring) I will go to Nicaragua. It has recovered and at the moment is a safer choice.

    Unless your skin color allows you to blend in. I am your Average White Guy. Easy to pick out of a crowd and shoot at a distance.

    Dyon 86

    Really even in the touristy areas? When I checked the google said the northern half of the country was dangerous but the other half was ok. Didn’t really have a backup plan, maybe Syria, Lebanon or North Korea, unless haha you think there are not a good idea either.


    Syria is a bit dry and I hear the nightlife leaves a lot to be desired… however, I get your point.

    Mexico is not a war zone. But my personal feeling is that you could do better at the present time with other countries in Central America.

    Hell, go to Puerto Rico. The island is beautiful. Nice beaches, small rainforest, good food (if you can acquire a taste for mofongo…). I loved it there.

    Dyon 86

    Thanks for the advice, it’s certainly something to think about.


    Stanley Hotel. Did the haunted Stephen King stuff. I try to go once a year. went to MA, took the wife to Salem and did the tours. Loved it.

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