Tiki Asks: What’s Your Most Unexpected Injury?

I went to the pool a couple weeks ago to participate in Water Aerobics, it was a fun time, but I had some incredibly huge blisters on my feet when I got home. They just recently resolved themselves, but I was not expecting that kind of damage from such a light sport.

What’s the worst you’ve done to yourself unexpectedly?

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    Was catching a table with my foot to fold it. There was a TV tray under the table that landed on my big toe. broke my big tow with at least 4 cracks and blisters.


    I always say “a falling knife has no handle.”


    I consider nearly every injury in my life to be unexpected. I tore ligaments in my elbow when I was rock climbing. Lost my footing and the panicked monkey in me held on with one hand instead of swinging out on the rope. Took over two years before I could suspend any significant weight from that arm. Saw my buddy eat shit coming off a ski lift after getting his board waxed for the first time ever. I laughed so hard I fell. Only one foot in a binding because I had been coming up on the same chair. I… Read more »


    Walking up to the door of my apartment. The sidewalk had a step which was icy. My foot slid sideways and I fell down. It didn’t hurt until I tried to stand up. and couldn’t put any weight on it. Off to the hospital, where I had surgery the next day. Then, a few weeks on crutches in a cast. Not pleasant, but I was surprised there wasn’t a lot more pain.


    I am certainly not immune to pain. I feel pain of some kind regularly, due to my age. It may have had something to do with how I fell.


    Slipped and fell as a kid. Did not expect the bag I fell sort of against to be full of broken glass. Slashed my finger good. Could’ve been a lot worse.

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