Tiki Asks: What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about life essentials?

What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about life essentials?  I mean like living space, food, and medical care.  If you had free room and board, got free food of your choice, and didn’t have to fear the reaper everytime you got a little cough, would you still be doing the thing that you’re doing right now?

How would your life change without those essential expenses?

I’ll have mine in the comments.

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    interesting question. here’s an alternative answer for it: i have my “life essentials”, essentially, taken care of. in 2003, i had a brain injury, and, now, i live, mostly, on disability and my wife’s ability to bring in money. technically, i’m not even allowed to have a job, because of the fact that i’m on disability. i always worry that something will happen (#drumpf is high on the list) that will make it so that i have to have a job again, but, so far, that hasn’t happened. what i do, is this: i am an artist and musician, and… Read more »


    I’d still have to work the rest of my life to pay off my debt. They say money talks, but the only thing it ever said to me was goodbye.


    Honestly, I would probably just play music with friends everyday. It never gets old and that’s when I am at my happiest/best self.


    I’d start a foundation.

    Maybe like Susan Unterberg did – over 20 years she provided grants anonymously to up and coming female artists so they could focus on their art instead of waiting tables.


    Or like Bill and Melinda Gates, who with Warren Buffet took on the Millenium Development Goals (RIP Kofi Annan) and has vaccinated, educated, and provided basic nutrition to kids in the 4th world – saving about 122M lives.


    That way, I can spend my days being a dirty old man trolling seedy bars while actually doing some good for the world.


    I call your three worlds and raise you four: China and India don’t belong in the same category as Liberia or the Congo. Bill Gates (via Hans Gosling) on “Why I want to stop talking about the “developing” world” breaks the 4 levels down: One billion people live on level 1. This is what we think of as extreme poverty. If you’re on level 1, you survive on less than $2 a day and get around by walking barefoot. Your food is cooked over an open fire, and you spend most of your day traveling to fetch water. At night,… Read more »

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