Tiki Asks:

What the fuck is even going on right now, jesus christ.


Do you horde anything? Gasoline? Bullets? Condoms?

If you do, what is it, and why?

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    Physical media; books, albums, movies. I like to have access to the art I like without having to rely on two third parties; my ISP and whichever service may currently have the item I want to enjoy.

    Blankets. I hate being cold in the winter and blankets are cheaper than turning up the heat.

    Water and canned food. Easy to store, pretty long shelf life.


    Thrift stores and some used book stores can be great for vinyl finds. I also buy re-issues of albums I love. I’m still buying CDs though too.


    The only thing I’m hoarding are these:

    Not Corndogs.png

    I dunk them in maple syrup, I can’t imagine chocolate goes well with sausage.