Tiki Asks: It’s Time for a site refresh

What do you think about websites that do a complete overnight change of their themes or layouts?  All the examples that I have off the top of my head it went super poorly for them, Digg, Fark, Reddit, they’ve all done huge refreshes and lost nearly all their traffic.  Seems like a convenient jumping off point for the loyal followers, but at the same time if a site doesn’t get big updates every now and then, it grows stagnant and uninteresting.

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    I for one would love a return of NESFW content 😀

    But that has nothing to do with Layout. Maybe you can test a few with a switcher, then have people vote? Or do it by week, then vote?


    Eh, Farkers got over it. And who cares what Redditors think? They’re busy creating nasty subreddits that end up getting the site bad media attention.

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