Tiki Asks : Have you been kicked out before?

Have you ever been suspended or expelled from some form of school, organization or job?

What were the circumstances around that event?

Looking back on it, was it justified and did you learn anything from it?


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    I was a loan processor. I witnessed a load officer (who was the brother of the owner of the company) commit multiple counts of fraud on a file. I brought the file to my boss and told hime while i understand it is is brother, I would not be able to work on this file because I i saw the fraud and wouldn’t sign my name to it. My boss said he understood and told me he would deal with his brother. Two weeks later I was let go because of downsizing. I was the only one who was let… Read more »


    I was expelled from high school when I was 15 for having an underground newspaper. Now I’ve got a PhD in computer science. Fuck ’em.


    I got fired from my last job for being an Atheist. I knew it would happen one day, I tried to hide it as long as I could. There were still tears of rage when it happened. The company was founded and still partly owned by a very religious man. I got promoted to a new spot and I think they took a closer look at my personal background when I asked for more money to go with the increased responsibility. My personal opinion was that it was unjustified. I did my work and I did it well. I learned… Read more »


    I was secretive about it at work but not so much on Facebook. I wasn’t broadcasting it out there, but I was a member of a couple of groups who’s names were not hard to interpret.

    As far as opsec goes that was over ten years ago. So not really opsec anymore.


    I was expelled from college for “insufficient progress”. But the next semester, I’ve picked up right where I left, and some time after that, got my degree too.

    Don’t really recall the circumstances, probably something about repeating courses, etc.

    Don’t know about “justified”, but I bet they could defend that position and won – it wasn’t a mail order college.
    I didn’t really learn anything, that I already didn’t know.


    I was fired from Denny’s for breaking a computer. I’ve been a computer technician ever since.


    Got Kicked out of a Bar once for having a bottle of Vodka in my Pocket which I was not drinking. It was just for the between bars walk. some Serbian wanker would not give it back until I said sorry.
    I said sorry took the vodka then told him to do fuck him self.
    life long ban from there.


    I got fired once when a website I liked posted risque pictures without marking them NSFW. That’s the kind of thing co-workers (or worst, bosses) don’t like to see.


    …but pictures of women in batman shirts or in My Little Pony cosplay is ok?


    I got fired from a job I was mostly bored of for refusing to go to counseling for telling off color jokes with a group of patrons who enjoyed and participated in the process. Note I was technically not fired for telling a joke.

    I learned to maintain a significantly stronger facade of professionalism at all times when at work, this never hurts.

    i quit
    i am young though ill burn something soon enough


    I decided to quit university halfway through second year chem.
    I just walked away…didn’t withdraw.

    It made things interesting a few years later when I figured out I wanted to become a medical professional.

    It added a few extra hoops to jump through on my chosen career path.

    One of the reasons I’d tell any kid today that if he’s not really sure why he wants to go to university, then he shouldn’t…


    “because that’s what you’re suppose to do”



    I’ve got (young) kids now, and I’m all for them taking a year off between high school and university when that day comes. By year off i mean learning the value of a buck and hard work while you truly figure out what you want to do. Better that then invest 4 years in a business degree / career path you weren’t passionate about, only to regret years later that you didn’t become a scifi writer. I want them to choose a career they have passion for over a safe and stable middleclass paycheck, and the year off helps make… Read more »


    I’ve been kicked out of bars three times for fights that I didn’t start. Two I tried to pick up the wrong chick- and one was because I looked like someone else. None of them got very far. I know. Boring post, but you asked. LOL


    I was kicked out of CWU for getting shitty grades and because I was little bit of an alcoholic. Booze and Rugby, what are you going to do? So I pled for readmission before the student affairs council. After a long talk, they had my academic file and it really was kind of bad, they let me back in. Just for 2 quarters to finish up my degree and then I had to leave and never come back. I signed that agreement, did great for 2 quarters, got my degree and never looked back.

    Dyon 86

    there was this one time, I got kicked out of heaven…


    There’s something “fishy” about your story.

    Dyon 86

    Haha got me, there’s no such place as heaven, just the cold dark infinite spaces of … ah … space. Cthulhu loves you 🙂

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