Tiki Asks: What’s the most mind boggling thing you’ve seen in Person?

I’m referring to things like space ship launches, earth quakes, tornadoes, or tsunamis.

My craziest one was while I was living here in Florida and having a cat 4 hurricane’s eye go right over my house. The weather went from apocalyptic to straight up idyllic in about 30 seconds, then back to hell on earth for another several hours. I remember being able to see straight up the inner wall too, it was really humbling.

A far far contender was going to Yellowstone National park with all it’s assorted lava based water features.

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    I got to disect a human cadaver in university.
    Which was interesting…


    I also kayak surfed a 3 meter wave into the beach during a big storm on Lake Erie. Scared the shit out of me.


    I got to see STS-61-B launch.
    That It looks like I will actually see 60 years of age.
    And I got abducted by Aliens when I was a kid.


    That was about the age I was when I got abducted!


    So what do they look like….asking for a friend.


    I’ve already said too much.

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