MCS+ has been completely re-worked

There’s a vast improvement in what exactly MCS+ is.  Right now it’s open for anyone to check out, you just have to be logged into your MCS account:

In theory there’s going to be a TON of new content there, though I just recently hit a huge bottleneck in what the server is able to handle, so eventually I’ll need to do another rework of how things are presented to you, the user.

Can you see the new stuff over there? can you see the sidebar with instructions?

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    Every time I go to the main page, I have to log in again.


    Tiki the site is doing something weird and has been for a few weeks now.

    Page 1 works normally and shows new content. When I go to page 2 or click Older Posts. Page 2 always has the same content from weeks ago.


    Holy shit it’s the fifteenth anniversary to the day when I registered my account here. That’s weird shit too.


    Happy Birthday!

  • Here's a few awesome images!