Image Resolution Taxonomy

There’s about 200,505 images on the site, and I’ve frequently wanted to have some kind of page that would show images based on just their resolutions. Sure, we have the wallpaper tag, but sometimes you really want to have a very specific resolution because of reasons untold. I’m happy to announce that I’ve hand written the code to do this very thing! I’ve had a script running for the last 24 hours to go through every image attachment, discover it’s dimensions, then save it as a custom taxonomy on the attachment itself, so now you can find things like:

4k Images

1080p Images

The one small issue is that because it’s a script that’s taking it’s time (30 images every 5 minutes) the job is going to take a very very long time, right now it’s only done about 6,000 images in 24 hours, with about 194,000 left to properly associate. So about 32 or 33 days from now it’ll finish up it’s task?

I’ve put a tag cloud of the various resolution below the normal tag cloud on the posts’ single view page, so click through to see how glorious this looks.  I’ll eventually add the image resolutions to the attachment pages and to the post itself, but for now I’m going to go dye my hair nuclear green.  Maybe I’ll show you pictures when I’m done.

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    This is actually sorta cool.


    It is not my intention to criticize your code, but should it not run a bit faster? If the image database was on a floppy disk, that would be a brisk pace. I would expect at least a couple hundred images per minute on a singular spinning disk drive.


    Brace yourself…