I got engaged today

To celebrate this, please comment on this post about your own marital bliss and/or horror stories.

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    having been engaged and broken off because we’re far too young for that, my favorite and I shared moments of understanding and caring among a group of friends – her friends – without a qualm in sight.


    i have been married for 14 years, and i can honestly say that getting married was one of the best decisions i have made in my entire life.

    if it weren’t for my wife, i would have died nine years ago, of a ruptured arteriovenous malformation in my brain.


    You. Poor. Bastard.


    bye bye to the NSFW site!

    in six months he’ll be all mine


    Congrats! Been married 11 years.

    Luke Magnifico

    She must never know about our secret love, Tiki.


    I’ve been single since high school. Life is hell.

    Professor Ratbaggy

    Been living with my missus for about 38 years, 31 of them married.  There will be rough patches between the great times, and periods of just cruising along getting on with your own shit.  Ride out the rough times, because there’s nothing to compare to how it is with a life-long companion.  All the best to you both.


    I don’t really see the need for marriage these days. The only minimal reason left is if you want to have kids, but you really don’t need to be married to do it. Even if you aren’t making mad money, I’d do a prenup to protect everything you each have aquired prior to the marriage. Then Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. If you can’t do that you are doomed. Don’t hold anything in. Realize that at some point things will get difficult for one or both of you and communicating is the only way it can be worked… Read more »


    yeah, you probably shouldn’t have said that to her…


    She said it moron. Context.


    it was a joke, moron. Humor.


    Poorly executed. DICK!


    that’s not what your mom said when I did my dismount this morning.DOUCHE.


    Really, two comments in and you resort to “Your Mama” jabs. So weak. Judging by your wit, the only dismounts you do are off corpses. Which applies since my Mom is one. Which is probably why I heard a spiritual scream of disgust to “Get this brainless, witless, dickless tool away from me.”


    right out of the gate you started with name-calling and now you want to criticize me for saying I had sex with your mother, whom you claim to be deceased but what you don’t know is that you were adopted…sorry you had to find out like this. Anyway…I am no longer interested in exchanging insults with you here, so I say good day to you sir. You may have the last word and/or insult.


    You’re correct, it’s time to stop. You are obviously to sensitive, since you consider “moron” such scathing name calling you felt the need to react. And as far as name calling compared to saying you had sex with my mom, you are way further out of line than I was. And seriously, an “I did your mama” jab in a post about an engagement. You need to check your tact sensitivity. Oddly enough you may be slightly psychic, since I am adopted and both my real and adopted mothers have passed on, so there’s no news in your post. Yes… Read more »


    haha wow you really thought I’d give up that easily? You may end up having the last word but not just yet… First off, some spelling/grammar nazi; it’s too sensitive, not “to sensitive”. also, tact and sensitive are synonymous so to use them together the way you did is redundant…but I see clearly now that I am dealing with an inferior intellect… calling someone moron is name calling. No matter how “scathing” the name, it’s still name calling and shows immaturity. I responded in kind only because I felt I needed to stoop to your level so that you could… Read more »




    Just in case that is “too” many letters for you I included the phoenetic so you could sound it out. Hang in there little buddy one day and be proud of that GED.


    You left out an important detail: which one of you said it?


    “At no point past, present or future did I ever intend on being completely honest with you.”

    So pretty much every woman ever.


    Choo choo choose well!


    So this is why mcs is going down the drain, for some time now…
    Oh well, it was “fun” while it lasted.

    As for your engagement, I hope it’s for right reasons, done while sober, etc.


    I got married to my right hand.




    no one cares….STFU!!!


    Sara and I got engaged just after she moved in nine months ago, and I have to say it’s been very nice indeed. But then Sara’s an exceptional woman, I know guys for whom it was hell from day one.

    Guess it’s all about taking your time and finding a good one –



    Forever alone here, but I’m very happy for you!

    Mazel tov!


    Congrats tiki,



    Dyon 86

    Good Luck

    fracked again



    Mazeltov. Recently celebrated our fifth anniversary.


    [ img]http://imageleech.net/details.php?image_id=6327[/img]




    yours has a red X, mine NEVER works for some reason, but thanks for trying.




    I was even nice to you, you fucktard piece of sewer ass.



    you left a space between the first bracket and img.



    I have no idea why it’s still not linking correctly.


    I copied it that way from the FAQ page, there’s a space on the FAQ page, and it STILL won’t work for me. *^%&Y^%$^#%!!!!!!
    TY for the attempt.


    Demon, there is a space on the FAQ page so that you can see the coding. It’s just like with the youtube stuff. When you remove the space, the site reads it as code. Still no idea why it keeps coming up as a broken link though.


    Watch for spaces, extra punctuation, correct slashes, etc.


    a preview of Tiki’s wedding photos-
    NSFW nsfw.myconfinedspace.com/2012/08/24/wedding-photo/
    I wanted to shoop Tiki’s face in this, but his future wife might not appreciate it.

    But seriously, I wish you nothing but happiness and love. and sex. Salut’!

    On a sad note, I’m really going to miss this fucking site.


    PS. A happy wife is a happy life.


    PPS. Tiki, is she the same chick that had you suicidal last we heard???


    After 29 years, I’ve learned that patience and communication are the keys to a good marriage. We’re all human, and as such are subject to all the failings that come along with it. Take your vows seriously, and continue to love and cherish her even when she hurts you. Love her always like the way you did when you first met, and above all tell her you love her. Show her that you love her. Then tell her again how much you love her.


    I’m so turned on.




    OMFGWTFBBQ! Congrats Tiki! Will you be posting a pic of the future Mrs. Tiki?


    Only if he wants NK to shop her head onto a Raccoon body.


    *chop, get your shit together


    m[c]s will finally have a queen.
    Have you tld her that you ownoneof the best sites on the internet yet?


    Well, I’m single, so there’s no story to tell (that isn’t sad and/or embarrassing) but I can offer my congratulations and best wishes, Tiki. Cheers.


    I’d like to hear some sad and embarassing stories (if you don’t mind).


    Married for 5 years. Not dead(either of us)yet. Lots of give and take.


    Grats man, and best wishes for a long and happy marriage.


    Congrats man!


    Congrats Tiki…I’ve been married for 10 months now, glad someone gets to inherit my debt when I die.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Met my wife in a hallway at a halloween party at our house 12 years ago, I kissed her and thanked her and didn’t get to talk to her the rest of the night. Learned her name the next day and we went on our separate ways. Six years later, after the two of us meeting again and starting to date, I proposed to her on Halloween on the lawn of that house. (didn’t live there anymore and the people living there were douchebags that shut the door in my face when I asked if I could propose in that… Read more »


    I’ve got a great marriage (2nd time’s the charm). I, too, would have died without her.

    Key to successful marriage: 100% honesty. Don’t ever lie to each other. Once that happens the relationship is over.


    Only recommendation is this:

    However it has worked up until now, assuming you’ve been together for some time, is how it will be. If either of you expect some magical change in how things are, you are probably going to have a bad time. Really, nothing should be changing except tax status.


    i thought atheists didn’t believe in marriage…i know they explode upon sneezing near a church.DEAR GOD DO NOT SNEEZE IN THE CHURCH TIKI. it would be terribly embarrassing. Unless you are going to do one of those lame ass pagan weddings on a beach where you throw flower water on eachother. One of my friends did that. I respect his beliefs, but damn that was lamer than my pastor handing me a handbook for marriage…they ended up getting divorced recently. i got divorced recently too. LOL HOWDOICHRISTIAN?! SERIOUSLY THOUGH My best wishes to you and your future wife. i will… Read more »


    the formatting on this site is all fucked up BTW tiki. i didn’t put that many spaces in the last sentence on the first paragraph. Maybe i double tapped my space key though.


    is it the girl that was mad because you had porn on your website a few years ago?

    god I just realized how long I’ve been on this website

    I remember when it had a white background


    You have my condolences.


    mazel tov!


    LOL three thumbs down. I suspect Fracked made at least one. I missed you fracked.

    Marked Hoosier





    had my girlfriend tell me over Labor Day Weekend that she couldn’t see us in the long run of dating or getting married because she felt like we couldn’t have intelligent conversations. And she has felt this way since we started dating….but she loves me.
    What do you say to that? Do you just break up?




    Be sure to point this one out to your future wife