Shared hosting & MCS needs more submissions

I need a new shared host for the secondary TWG sites.  A couple of MCS lurkers have mentioned to me in the past that they’re into the hosting thing.  I’m currently looking for a dedicated server that can handle 17-30 domains, 200 gigs of content, a couple Tbs of transfer a month, and the ability to have over 500,000 files on the server.  I thought I had found that in 1and1, but they’re dicking me around with some stupid 250,000 file limit. alone has over 160,000 files, has around 30,000, and [nsfw] has around 20,000.  I need space ya’ll.  Send me an IM or link to your hosting sites in the comments here.  We’ll have a gladiatorial combat to see who’s fit to host my sites!

The number of user submitted images is down.  Way down.  Submit something already.

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    Alec Dalek

    The internets have run out of pictures. We can all go home early!


    Don’t know about the file limit though…


    and for those of us who submit and it does not get posted? hints?


    I’ve been on vacation. I’m back, will start to post when I get tired/bored/annoyed/irritated/angry of doing actual work at my job, which is always.

    So I guess I’ll be posting right now.


    I be submittin’ but the standards are too high!


    ok i just submitted like 20 fuggin images. srsly. put sum of dem up or i will be vrrrry angry

    “Amazon’s S3 service allows you to direct-link files at a cost of 15 cents per GB of storage, and 20 cents per GB transfer. It’s unlikely that would add up to more than the ~ $2 / month that seems to be the going rate for the other unlimited bandwidth plans.” From CodingHorror.

    Oh, also:
    Your site is not using HTTP compression.

    If you haven’t read this already, I suggest doing so:


    I recommend for hosting… but they aren’t 1and1 cheap…


    In my eagerness to contribute, a repost or two may have, ah, slipped in… My bad.


    @tikigod, On web servers that primarily serve static content, http compression is very beneficial because the server can compress and cache all static html files *once* and deliver the compressed versions immediately without having to go through the compression / decompression routine. On sites that serve dynamic content, (like MCS), this may not provide a similar performance increase because each page now has to be compressed before being sent. This additional compression step actually introduces a performance hit at the server level. On sites with little traffic, the server hit is negligble compared to the increase in service speed due… Read more »


    Doh, just realized I put compression/decompression when the server actually only does compression/service… LOL Force of habit I guess…

    Also is there a way to do mass submissions? Like I select a whole bunch of pics, all at once, enter title/comment them all on one page and submit them all with one click…?