Blackjack Phone


Tiki just got himself a new phone, cause he got stranded with his old piece of shit phone that didn’t get signal NOWHERE and now he has a new phone, and is drinking. Right? I think that’s right.

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    My motorola Q pwns the fuck out of this POS




    My dad’s old cellphone (pre 1999) is superior to the iPhone.

    Hoban Washburne

    My phone has problems turning on.


    i have free im on my razr, free internet and everything, cuz im special like that, and its pretty easy to hack into it just type #0setup* then it will ask for a security code and it is 000000 and then you can do ANYTHING!


    I’m using a Hiptop2 ( called sidekick2 in the States) because in Canada it’s the only phone that has a $20/month unlimited data plan. It’s offered through Fido. After they got bought up by Rogers, they declined to carry the newer Hiptop3 because they would much rather make a killing on their high-data-cost Blackberries.
    The Canadian cell phone industry is stuck back in the Stone Age. We need some serious phone-carrier competition up here.


    I have a $30 a month plan with sprint which includes 300 anytime minutes, and unlimited nights and weekends.

    And my phone is a sanyo katana 1 (scp-6600)

    I don’t even have the Q activated, I just use it for games (NES and sega roms) pictures, video and songs.

    I sent a bunch of pics to some girls in class last week via bluetooth.

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