Declined posts

Those of you that are MCS+ will notice that there’s a new link in the MCS+ section: “Trashed Posts”.  That’s where declined posts will show up for 30 days and then shuffle off into the nothingness of the internets.

For those of you that do not have mcs+, if you’re the author, I believe that these posts may show up on the “your submissions” page.  I’ve started to comment on why the posts were declined, normally it’s for watermarks, size issues or illegal file name characters.

Anyways, there’s that.

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    Most of those are mine 🙁

    casemods UID# 667


    It would be nice to know why some submissions didn’t get accepted.


    haha, faggot. every trashed post has a comment on why it was declined. oh wait, you knew that, didnt you? faggot


    This would make me happy if I was M[c]S+. The only way I know why my posts are trashed is by contacting Tikigod in Chat.


    most of the reasons i have seen for trashed posts is Repost, Gay, Too small, Watermarkd, Stupid

    if your fail submissions fit into any of these categories, well, there you go


    OMFG i love it, it’s like a whole nother McS!!!

    McS+-Trashed needs moar casemods, imho

    Jesus Christ

    Can you trash that one that’s supposed to show up on the 30th? Since someone posted it before me while it was still in queue, I don’t want to be a repost fag. c:


    Interesting indeed.