Game of the Years 2017 voting has begun

I’m somewhat behind on my game of the year stuff due to the death of a family pet, so here’s all the games that I know of that came out in 2017 that might be worthy.  You may note that as of the posting of this post, there’s only a single post with posted material.

Those of you with MCS+ will see a fuller more mature list in the queue, I’m tired of beating my head against this damn thing year after year, so right now it’s just one game, and it’s likely the least playable of any of the games that are on the full list.

If you’re MCS+ you can vote right now on the games.  If you’re not MCS+, you’ll have to wait a day for them to make it to the front page.

I’m tired and I think I need a break from life.


EDIT: I’m going to be slowing voting when I get back to my computer tonight, so if you want to throw a vote in, better do it asap!

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    nier automata


    Not a gamer, but if you can take a non-permanent break from life…

    DO SO.