AddThis Added To M[c]S

I’ve added a quick little feature that will hopefully both enrichen your lives and drive traffics to MyConfinedSpace.

This feature’s name is “AddThis”.  The eagle eyed among us may have already noticed it, but for those of you that haven’t seen it / noticed it, there’s a new ‘Share’ button at the bottom of every post.  If you click on it, a new window will pop up with a list of about 50 different social media sites, bookmarking sites and the ability to either print or email the page you’re wanting to share.

I personally use it to quickly add links to either my delicious account or my google bookmarks.  I’m aware that you’ll need to enable js for, but I’ve run into AddThis on about 50 other websites today alone, so you’ll be doing yourself a service if you do.

Comments or suggestions?

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    err…keep up the good work? I mean, I’m all about getting as much out there as possible…but I guess I’m too lazy to actually use AddThis even though its everywhere.


    Tiki is smart. This could draw more users, which means more clicks. If the site has more features, people will likely stick around. I’m happy he’s aware of these crazy tools, and I in fact never heard of it, so I’m stoked to look into it at some point.


    Oooh, new stuff. All shiny and pretty. Thanks, Tiki!


    honestly, i thought this was always there


    I think it’s kinda a bandwagon thing to do this on a successful site. Well I can’t blame tiki to do so. I would do it myself. I hope you guys will be keeping up the good work; I really like the site. Just please don’t ever sell out on it cheaply…


    @tiki god:
    We’ve never had goatse? I’m almost surprised.


    @tiki god:
    I see. Good on you.


    I have no idea what this is about. I’m confused and I don’t like it.