Return of the UID / I’m buying a house / maybe

heeeey guuuuy, I have things to say at you:

1 – UID has returned on the single pages.

2 – comment rating is returned from the void.

3 – comment drop down is on pages that are younger then 5 days.  I was going to put it on all of them, but it’s killin the (cheapass) server we’re on here.

4 – going to make it so you don’t have to register to comment, but that you can’t impersonate someone that IS registered.  that’s my task for tonight…


I’m buying a house.  To do this though, I need money to put down on it, and oddly enough, people complained when I removed the old ‘buy me a beer’ paypal button, so I added back another one.  I’m shootin for $5k down on the house, and since there’s over 1.5 to 3 million page views a month on mcs…hopefully it won’t take a long time to hit that mark.  If/when I hit that goal, I’ll remove all the adverts on MCS until 2010 and see about upgrading the server to something that won’t shit its pants when digg comes sniffin around.  Donation amounts are to be considered advertising revenue, as your name will be listed in the sidebar for everyone to marvel over.

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    Hey Tiki, some of us don’t have credit cards/are poor college students. How about a mailing address?


    Because I wouldn’t mind putting a few singles into a stamped envelop and sending it to you.


    Or a friend who I could send it to as a proxy if you don’t trust me?


    Does not have a job. Does have student loans to worry about…


    …so I can just send it to the Tiki Web Group address in Florida? Then I guess you will receive a donation in about a week, as long as the post office doesn’t fuck up.


    I originally misread UID as IUD. That’s… umm… something different.


    I did too.


    Here’s $50 for ya!


    OK Tiki, There’s a beer in it for ya if you fix my UID… 🙂


    I don’t think my UID is supposed to be pushin’ the 6000s… In fact I think it was closer to 1600 at some point… I dunno… Now I’ve got peeps questioning my identity on account of that sky high UID… 🙂


    Ah, who cares, I never really looked at it anyway…


    So…do we get anything usfull?


    Return of the IUD. There’s gotta be a pic of it out there somewhere…


    Good luck with the IED.


    I gave 5$ because that’s all I got on paypal.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Tiki: If you don’t raise the whole $5k here, give a shot for a low-interest P2P loan for the rest. Post your loan ID number if you do, and I’ll fund as much of it as I can.


    Trying to figure out who’s who on the sidebar. 🙂