Don’t Worry I’m From Tech Support

I think I’ve fixed everything that needed a fixing, so if you notice anything else screwy, let me know. There’s been a couple reports of the site looking wonky in previous version of IE, so either upgrade your browsers, or upgrade to FF 😉

Also, I’ve nuked the form for submitting images. If you have something cool that you think should be up on the site, feel free to just e-mail it as an attachment to


After two years of the same old theme, I’ve decided that it’s time for a repaint around here, along with an upgrade to the latest and greatest version of WordPress. So, bare with me while I muck around with all the settings.

What do you think so far?

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    A new design is good…but not this design. Everything feels crammed and awkward.


    I don’t like how you have to open a new page just to view the comments. I liked it when you could just enlarge them. It was, I dunno…sexier.

    Frank McColbert

    I like that this right ad thingie isn’t overlapping the pics in my 800*600 now.
    Also, are you actually making money with this stuff?
    Just curious …


    Much sexier thanks.


    it looks a little weird on my 1920*1200


    Feeling a little left out after Fark’s re-do?


    it’s still halfway down the page, tiki…but i think i’ll just upgrade explorer ^_^


    I agree with this one feeling cramped and akward. I liked the old theme better.


    Your breaking my balls tiki! It takes longer to load now, and the old version made a better atmosphere, now its just so serious and…bad.


    imo its much sleeker and easier to navigate, actually doesnt seem cramped but nothing seems cramped on a 19″ wide 😛

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