You too can add tags!

Due to some restructuring of the site, I’ve decided to removed categories from MCS, and instead use “tags”.  Because I’m lazy and believe in the wisdom of the masses, I’ve opted for a system in which registered and logged in MCS members can add tags to each post.  To do this, all you have to do is click through to the post (the page with all the comments on it)  If you look right after the “Standard Disclaimer” you should see a box that says “tag this”.

The only requirement is that 1.) you’re logged in and 2.) someone else agrees with you.  I’ve blacklisted some obviously naughty words, and will add to the list as people become wise to the system and how to game it.

So, now, there’s only about 10 categories describing what kind of post it is (image, video, site news, etc).  Then there is unlimited tags that can be add to the posts, both by the admin (me) or by you the logged in user.  You can see a list of the tags in use in the right hand sidebar.  Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!

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    Just tested it out. I need one more user to tag this post as “dumb” for it to work.


    I actually think this is a good idea.




    I tried to add the tag “Ramblings of a drunk man”

    It’s relevant, so someone else needs to tag it.




    Tiki, do you see what you’ve done??!!


    So, do other people see what people are trying to tag with?


    I assume that all of Tiki’s posts henceforth shall be tagged ‘Ramblings of a drunk man’?


    It is our duty to fulfill, Sikras.

    Luke Magnifico

    I am willing to shoulder that burden, for the greater good.


    Dagnabbit Tiki, the unwashed, heathenous mass of Uncategorized posts are driving me nuts… I’ma start tagging, but they better start taken dem tags, else i’ma spike your… Bah nvm…


    Oh and BTW a drop down list of the currently white listed tags would be very helpful…


    “Sending Data…Please Wait.”

    And then nothing happens.


    Tiki done broke teh mcs again…

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