I need your help

I’m currently sitting in an ICU in Miami, my mother’s been having some pretty major health issues that are only ultimately correctable with a transplant.  Can you help me one out of two ways?


1 – post images to the site so I don’t have to worry about the site going dry over the next couple weeks

2 – give me like, a million bucks, so I can help my mom out?

edited 2014-10-31: moved to a regular hospital room, some minor drama happened and now mysleep schedule is all fucked up again.

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    [b]1.[/b] I did – you trashed 2 of 3.
    [b]2.[/b] Sorry no can do – I did play, but my lottery numbers didn’t came up.


    There was a nipple, should’ve move it to NSFW, if it was too much.
    I don’t think any image was broken. Although I’ve uploaded via the “retarded route” (www.myconfinedspace.com/wp-admin/users.php?page=tdomf_your_submissions), to bypass the filesize limit, so maybe that’s the problem.


    1. I’ll do my best, Tiki.

    2. I don’t have anywhere near a million bucks. All I can offer is my sincerest wishes that she’ll pull through and get better soon.

    Dyon 86

    All the best to your Mum, hope she gets better soon.


    1. I’ll try.
    2. Do i get bonus points if i act like i care?
    3. As fishy said, all the best to your mum, she’s the only one you have.

    1)I got 1000 images ready to go, 500 nsfw
    2) see one
    sorry bout your lose


    Sorry to hear about your mom. Will keep sending pictures and will endeavor to keep them reasonably clean. I am a pauper but I wish you and your family all the best.


    1. On it
    2. Word to yer moms
    3. MCS-NSFW has a good few days of unapproved pics stuck in the queue, FYI




    You can count on me with images but, about the money, if someone help you on that, tell me the name and I’ll try to get something to me 😉


    1) Looking for stuff to add now
    2) Best to your mam. If I happen to win the euromillions at the weekend I’ll see you both right.


    Hope she gets better, Tiks 🙂


    all the best Tiki


    Sorry to hear that Tiki.
    I do hope everything works out for your mom.

    And I’m sure I can scare up some new sasquatch pictures for you.