Contact the person that represents you in the facility of laws and law discussion!

Some sites are using today to slow down or to show you what a broken site would look like under the latest and greatest political pile of bullshit that the Republicans have started to excrete onto our faces.  I don’t have to do that though, we already know what a broken MCS looks like! has a nice little form you can use to contact people in power, people that have no moral compass and likely eat babies or well done steak, with ketchup.  Just because they’re the most evil people known to humanity doesn’t mean they won’t listen if enough people pile on them and tell them what kind of idiots they are for even considering doing away with Net Neutrality.

God dammit, how did we end up here again?

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    +6 million petitions at
    Specify Proceeding: 17-108, then click Search at bottom.

    Many form letters on July 12. Search prior for millions of voices.
    Silence implies compliance. Do not go gentle. Rage!