Blake Undying

Oh snap, it’s my birthday today!  I’m turning 28!  yay me! Normally, this is where I would totally link you to my amazon wishlist and beg you to buy me stuff, but instead of that, I figured I would try to share some love with one of the people that’s keeping m[c]s floating.

Most of you have noticed that Blake Undying has been advertising on m[c]s for the last week or so, and since they’re paying me obscene amounts of money, I figured I would go the extra step and mention them in a post:

It’s one of those new fangled online comic books set to flash with some jazzy effects affecting the speech bubbles.  From what I can see the story’s so far is about a suicidal con-man smart-ass with Wolverine’s healing ability.  The writing is better then 99% of the DC/Marvel stuff, and the art is a little odd to get used to, but really works in the end.

So go, check it out, if you like it click on the “become a fan” button. He’ll keep advertising, I’ll keep buying solid gold hummers beer, and you’ll keep coming back for more!  Thank you guys for makings this site so damn interesting for the last couple years.

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    The writing is 99% better than dc/marvel stuff ? Google Alan Grene doofus. The watchmen and everything he did was fantastic aside from the fact that the superheros spawned a generation….

    The Matrix: Rebooted
    Are you talking about Alan Moore? Who hasn’t written anything for DC or Marvel since the ’80s.


    Tiki did say 99%, MattKirby
    Alan Moore would fit into the rare 1%.


    Happy Birthday man!

    Yea I’ve noticed the ad already and even clicked it. I wouldn’t say that it looks odd though, rather original. Pretty neat stuff.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Happy Birthday, Tiki. Have a beer on me.

    Billy Manic

    Haha, Alan Grene, wtf? Moore, sir.


    Happy Birthday Tiki. Have a nice hangover.

    I have been checking the site for a long time and only recently registered. Amazing site!


    @jedi jack kirby? he was pretty good


    Happy Birthday man.

    Sorry I dont have a present but, if you like, I can click on all the ads on the site!


    Who is Alan Grene?

    I guess some Anime fan just bought his first copy of Watchmen after seeing the preview before The Dark Knight.

    If you want to complain about that 99%, at least mention Warren Ellis or Geoff Johns. Yeesh, the kids barely younger than me these days…


    Happy B-day!

    Clicking ads is going to be my present.


    Oh and I’ve been to Solid Gold. The strip joint in Lexington, KY right? Yeah the hummers are actually cheeper than the beer there, so I recommend trying both. Or just a beer if you’re on a budget.


    happy happy birthday
    may your friends leave lots of loot
    may you dance upon a table in your happy birthday suit
    and when your birthday comes around again this time next year
    i hope to god you’re somewhere they dont sing like we do here


    1) Happy birthday.

    2) I’ll give it a shot. Everyone knows that webcomics are better than print comics.


    Alright screw you guys 😛 I messed up the name I was too lazy to look it up but it seems the general majority would understand who I was talking about. And I just don’t think an online webcomic would be able to outwrite people who get paid to do it.


    Happy b’day tiki and celebrate the fact that you can’t hear me singing it to you. 🙂


    Tiki, I don’t know much about ‘graphic novel’ type comics, but have you read newspaper comics?

    The punchline to blondie has been ‘Dagwood likes really big sandwiches’ since before my Grandmother was born for fuck’s sakes.

    And webcomics artists get paid to do it and they do it a hell of a lot better. Do you realize that the Diessel Sweetheart guy, after switching from webcomics to newspaper, is actually quitting newspaper and going back to pure-online just because he makes way more money off the internet?


    Er,sorry, that was directed at MattKirby. Birthday magnetism.

    Lord Maim

    I’m Jason Cook, the guy who wrote Blake Undying. Thanks for checking it out guys. I’m just an ordinary guy who entered a script writing contest. The script was chosen out of hundreds of entries by popular vote, after which Z2H paid for the production of the comic. Sadly at this point, it hasn’t resulted in any money for me, but Blake Undying is now competing with 15 others for a $15,000 grant and the chance to have the property developed into a screenplay. It would be a major break for someone who’s never had anything published before. Thanks for… Read more »


    happy birthday tiki!!!!!


    Birthday, etc.