some code fixed, other code isn’t

ok, MCS+ people, i thought of you first, since you guys are the only thing that’s currently keeping the site afloat.  oh, those ads you see?  yeah, they have a 45 day or 90 day  pay out on them, so I’m still waiting on payment for 90% of the site income.  Egads!  If you were thinking about mcs+, now’s the time to do it, because  I just fixed all the linking issues, you can now view AND comment on future posts!

Also, everyone can now comment on nsfw posts.  There was a problem for a while with doing that, but now I have that fixed, so go comment on those pornographic materials.

I’ve looked into the drop down comments, and I’m not sure what the issue is, so it’s going to take a significantly longer time to fix.

Also, I’m looking into how to ignore posts / comments by users.  This is just in the exploratory phase and will likely be an MCS+ feature only when/if it happens.

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    /ignore Casemods


    That’ll add a few mcs+ subscribers.


    Shit yeah, I’ll send another $25 Tiki’s way when the user ignore feature is added.


    Sweet. Thanks for fixing stuff.


    Finally got off my ass and donated. <3 thanks for the awesome.


    Sorry tiki I’m like busto this month. Coke, booze, strippers, gambling. I need to pick just the top two!

    Remind me in two weeks though, I’ll get ya!


    Go with booze and strippers. Thank me later.


    Agreed. Except go with strippers and strippers. Skip the booze this month.


    Strippers without booze, are you MAD?!?

    Kik Dogg

    A lot of times strippers want some coke. You are in one hell of a bind. Unless you couldn’t afford that part.


    Thanks for working on stuff, Tiki.


    If I were more popular on Fb and Twitter, I’d get lots of new subs. Unfortunately, barring family, most everyone I know is already on it.


    since you’re inside digging around, could you maybe add dropdown nsfw posts?


    well ok


    Keep at it dude. You’ll get there.

    Also free M[c]S FTW!

    Jesus Christ

    Thank you again.