MCS is no longer on Facebook

Facebook is the worst, bar none.

MCS was on facebook, which might be a surprise to some of you, but content from here was pushed to there to generate a slight pull for visitors, though what it actually did t was sent our content into their walled garden where one or two people would comment on stuff from time to time but never really brought in the masses like I thought it would do.

This post is the one that apparently was a bridge too far for facebook.  Sure, you can click around and find posts about killing people or posts about how minorities don’t deserve the rights they barely have, or you can find pedophiles without much problem, but a grown woman sitting in a chair without clothing on?  AND you can’t see any of her sensitive bits? well that’s straight out of line!  The previous post that they complained about? This mask!

Good riddance to them.  There’s no way to appeal this stupidity, no contact form, no button to press, and no one to contact at Facebook.  They’re a godless, soulless, corporate machine that really doesn’t give a fuck about any of us at all, so fuck ’em.

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    I for one am glad to hear whenever someone abandons Facebook.

    And that mask was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while, I sent its link to many of my friends (probably more clicks than you lost from Facebook).


    Look at that – big god wonder, all grown up.


    does any browser still support RSS natively?


    I was kicked off of Facebook years ago,,, go figure.

    Their loss, that’s what they get for using algorithms to sort, rather than humanoids.
    McS is still, by far, the best site of its type on the net.


    Good call. Zuck’s Borg. Let’s hope resistance isn’t futile.

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