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This contest will run till there is at least 50 entries. MCS needs to advertise. The site’s been stagnant at around 70,000 page views a month. I’d love to see that over 100,000 page views, so I’ve decided to advertise on sites like and The only problem is that they ask me for my advertising banners or witty text. Since, I’m a leech of the internet and have no original ideas of my own, I figured I would ask for the users of MCS to make some adverts for the site.

Submissions: Click here. Be sure to select the current contest category when you hit submit!
Requirements: a banner 400×75 that is funny and ranked in the top 3
1st: 50 bucks via paypal
2nd: 25 bucks via paypal
3rd: a sexy letter via gmail.

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    I submitted mine 😀

    Can’t wait to see what others come up with!


    I hope I get 3rd, that sexy letter sounds very intriguing…


    Can it be animated? If so, I have an idea. But I am way too lazy to actually do it.

    I was sucked into anagrams recently, so I was thinking you could anagramize “my confined space” and have a little caricature next to the anagram, it would shuffle to the next anagram until it hit ‘my confined space’ on the 3rd or 4th try with a tiny picture of a tribal diety next to it.

    Here’s the anagram server with the phrase already in.

    One’s I liked…
    ‘Ipecac Fend My Son’ – with a tiny drawing of a kid puking his guts up
    ‘Fancy Epic Demons’ – tiny drawing of a demon with a tux and monocle
    ‘Dampen Cynics Foe’ – peeing on a christian
    ‘Pony minces decaf’ – a horse grinding coffee

  • Here's a few awesome images!