Issues with ads?

noticed today that sometimes when an advertisement loads on the site, that it prohibits scrolling up and down, which is obviously bullshit.  Those of you using adblock, mind disabling it for a minute and checking to see if you see this behavior?

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    jesus, wtf
    site went 1000% slower


    No problem scrolling but allowing ads lagged my comp all to hell.


    This site has adds on it?


    [b]1.[/b] MCS had, has, and will have issues.
    [b]2.[/b] Haven’t noticed anything out of ordinary in FF, or Opera (ad block turned off, or not present) .


    I had noticed occasional lag recently but hadn’t taken time to think about what might be causing it. [Adblock has been disabled for a couple of months.]


    I do not use an add blocker and I have seen this issue several times. I will inspect element and try to give you an idea what’s causing it (chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m)