Roast My Weanie!

As anyone that’s been to MCS for longer then 48 hours can tell you, the Roast My Weenie guys have been advertising around these parts for months (years? i dunno, LoL! I guess that’s why they call this place random?), and have treated me personally very well. After I had noticed their advertising efforts (and cashed a huge check) I emailed them and asked if I could get one of their weenie roasters to try out. A few short months later, I got a cool little package in the mail. I meant to actually take pictures of the weenie guy in action last weekend, but 1.) it rained 2.) I was drunk and imagined it raining.

So, this post? It’s a reminder to myself to cook some weenies on that grill that I found a couple weeks ago on the side of the road. I’ll have an update post later one, but I just wanted to quickly tell you guys about the Roast My Weenie group, and let you know that they’re an ok company to do business with.

Also, I’m going to experiment with meatballs and tuna. Stay Tuned!


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