2018 my[confined]space year in review

For the first time ever, an official End of Year, Year in Review!  Three weeks early too, so I wonder if any of these stats will change in any meaningful way in the next 20 days!

In 2018, there were over 21,889 posts (down from 2017’s 23,001), which received 3,320 comments (down from 2017’s 4,873).  Traffic was sorta stable at 2,163,753 page views for 2018, slightly down from 2017’s 2,321,227 page views.

We had several theme days!

Obviously it’s my blog so I’m the most talkative person here, but I do miss the days when people would talk amongst themselves.  Is there a barrier to commenting on the site that I’m not seeing and can address?
Top 20 Commenters for 2018
comment_author count Ascending
tiki god 723
notspamming 430
Saborlas 419
jediadept 242
Soong 146
Gropegrope 143
RalphTheDog 84
fatherdougal 81
Greenman037 67
przxqgl 64
marcuserektus 63
storminator 60
bloth 55
flood123 35
mightyconan 34
oldnoob 31
Marrock 29
Innocent Bystander 29
smeg 26
Jac 26


And here’s the top submission counts for the year.  Me and my robot are killin it, Stormy’s a close second, and everyone is just left in our dust.

Top Post Submitters for 2018
user_login count Ascending
tgiokdi 635
storminator 388
Wollocks 18
npbnjvsxynpsff 17
jediadept 6
smeg 6
nobody knows 5
slimnoche 5
saborlas 4
RalphTheDog 4
jorb 4
przxqgl 3
Jac 2
Chrysis 2
Orin 2
erophin 2
natedog 1
pornoperson 1
aarpie 1

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    Old Guard is gone, and new one has other interests.


    I miss the camaraderie of the pre “Casemods goes crazy” era.


    And now even his “coon” alter-ego is gone…


    Woo I made the list! I’m gonna be famous


    I broke top 10 in comments. Hmm? Not bad.


    I didn’t make any list but I’ve been here a long time.


    No barriers I can see. I tend to lurk & comment rarely. It has to be worth something or add some value. There’s enough bullshit floating around the universe already. Who needs more of that is how I look at it.


    I’m sort of surprised I’m #5 on the top commenters list. I would engage more but I consider one of the people on the list to be a troll and a couple others to be toxic snowflakes, so I generally won’t reply to anything they’ve said or commented on. In terms of submitting, I stopped trying because it seemed the submission form wouldn’t work for me forever. Don’t even know where the form is nowa days. Not allowed to submit anything with a watermark or logo so that eliminates at least half the stuff I have floating around on my… Read more »


    Good grief – I’m fourth on the Submitters list!
    Now that I know who I’m competing against I might up my game…

    Many thanks, Tiki-God, for an always interesting & often stimulating site – the postings have triggered may creative diversions for me.

    I’ve found it an interesting view of mores & attitudes pertaining to the USA (I’m from Godzone/Middle Earth).

    Keep up the good work & I look forward to your efforts in 2019.


    I miss nyokki and demon…


    It’s good to hear that Nyokki is doing well; She added a certain spark to the atmosphere.
    Please pass along my well wishes to her.


    Didn’t know any of them, but I do miss some of demon’s posts.


    No comment barrier, but I miss vote-candy. Posting without karma/up&down-votes/likes/read-counts is like shouting into the darkness without even an echo. I understand removing vote feedback was to encourage conversation. Vote feedback, while shallow, is influential and engaging. High votes implies interest, worthy of a comment. No votes or no feedback implies disinterest and silence. The previous MCS implementation or the Reddit method of comments with arrows and counters serves to participate. Please click the up-arrow if you agree…


    as one of the average people in both posts and comments, i have no commitment to staying in the average in either category, although i won’t completely rule it out, either.

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