Things are still wobbly

Ok, so things are still a bit weird with the MCS tubes, after you leave a comment you’re sent off to another post, which seems random, but you always end up at the same post depending on where you left your comment.


Also, the comment rating system was complete messed up, no clue what happened there, I took it offline until I can get some breathing space.

In other unrelated news: I find out this thursday if I have a new house. It would be GREAT if I had some extra money by that day to help pay for hookers and beer, moving expenses.

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    Weird but FAST!


    At least My Confined Space is working now.


    This is what I get without a proxy:


    the NSFW pages still won’t load for me, and the regular images don’t load much faster than before…

    I think the hamster is drunk at the wheel


    And nyokki apparently really, really likes me and keeps sending me the same comments over, and over, and over….
    I keep getting an email saying so, and it always directs me to


    That’s weird. I read your comment and checked my email. 53 emails from mcs, all of them comments made on May 1st or 2nd, but not all from one person.


    I keep getting the emails too. Tiki has to fix this because these emails are really annoying.

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, same with the emails. Apparently, has been getting alot of action.


    Tiki, is it helpful for us to report bugs to you, or should we wait till you’ve got things a bit more settled? ‘Cause I know of a few that haven’t been mentioned…


    Just out of curiosity… How do you define a “wobbly” blog?


    The replies weren’t stacking for me either.
    I’m trying to reply to 12. Let’s see if it works.


    Nope it didn’t. And after I sent it, it sent me to:

    Curiouser and curiouser!


    It’s amazing how fast we become accustomed to things. The site ran just fine for 2+(?) years w/ no nesting, now we don’t know what to do w/out it.