Changing Up!!?!?!?!

hell there mcs peoples.

I need a name for you guys, kinda like b-tards, or farkers, or goons.  anyways!

Just purchased a dedicated server from, and just a few moments ago, I changed up the DNS information.  if you’re seeing this, you’re on the old server, and you comments will be FOREVER LOST.

So, don’t comment if you see this message.  if this message isn’t here, then you won’t be able to see it, right?

right.  anyways, as per the norm, I’m drinking again tonight, all by myself.  If you have anything interesting to say, please feel free to instant message me using AIM : yourcoolestfan.

and no, you can’t have my msn, jabber, yahoo, icq, or what the fuck ever weird ass client you’re using.  use fucking AIM.  go download miranda, and get with the fucking program.

I think I’m going to install a jabber server on the new dedicated server.  Then there shoudl be no problems, but until then, just the AIM.

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