Voltron To Be Constructed During The Day

I’m planning on doing the voltron lego set during the holiday on monday.


  1. Wake up around 9am, like I always do
  2. Have breakfast?
  3. Set up brick building desk space
  4. Turn on Twitch around 11am
  5. Open a beer
  6. Drink the beer
  7. Put on a movie, but not display it to you guys because that would be copyright infringement, illegal, and immoral.  Instead you’ll be getting copyright free music from MonsterCat or someone like that.
  8. Drink another beer.
  9. Start brick building around 11:10am
  10. Drink more beer.
  11. Have Dinner?
  12. Drink more beer.
  13. Go To Bed!

If you’d like to see what video games I’m playing or what LEGO sets I’m putting together, follow me on twitch.tv/tgiokdi

Currently at 25 “Followers”, apparently they’ll start to throw money at me when I hit 50, and it’s the best way to get a notification if you’re interested in seeing me play video games poorly.

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