Eclipse Theme Day

Please submit a few images of Eclipses.

The Sun.
The Car.
Of The Heart
Eclipso Man from the comic books.

If you can come up with something else that’s eclipse related, that’ll be awesome.

I’ll give a month’s worth of MCS+ to three levels of “winners”:

  1. Post with most ratings
  2. Post with highest ratings
  3. Post that I like the best. I am your god after all.

I’m going to be watching the eclipse on the day of, so it’s going to take me a couple days to get back into the grove (and sober up), so I’ll post the “winners” on wednesday, unless I forget, then I won’t.

Edit: everyone that submitted something has now been considered a “winner” and will receive one month of MCS+.

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    On a related note – what’s the current on tags ?


    Your current standing.
    Add them, or not ?


    I can’t put my fin9er on it, but someth1ng 1s missing…