I’ve made some minor changes

There’s a couple changes that just rolled into the shop, you’ll likely only notice them if you’re on a monitor that’s 1080p or larger.


I’m honestly not sure how it looks on a 4k monitor, someone send me one to test the site on it pls.


I wonder what a sticky post looks like with this change?

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    What happened to the “Show Comments” link on the posts on the main page?


    It looks exactly the same on a 4k as it does on a 1440p imgur.com/hloZKkt Lots of empty black space that could do with something, like a space scene to fill it


    Pretty broken on my Galaxy S8+
    Images aren’t scaling down to fit the screen, and it won’t let me scroll right to view the right side of them, or pinch zoom.
    In landscape, there’s a big grey bar on top, so I can only use the bottom 2/3 of the screen, and some text shows over the images.


    I am missing the SHOW COMMENTS tab. Waiting for the page to change, and waiting for the page to load ads, and stop jumping around while it does that, sucks.


    That works. Thanks


    So now you [i]have[/i] bandwidth to spare ?


    super fugly FAIL on Google’s Chrome browser on the Mac.