wordpress plugins, chatting all night

Anyone out there proficient with writing wordpress plugins?  I need one, and I’m willing to pay (out the ass).

Also, the 1st kinda snuck up on me, so fuck me.  So I’ll be online most of the night working on getting posts ready.  You win 15 internets if you know why I gotta work all night for the 1st.  Feel free to send me an IM!  I’m here all night!

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    1st Comment, Yay, Bitches!


    While you’re enjoying your female dogs, I’ll be grabbing 2nd and Whoo Strippers!


    you gotta work all night because you’re an April Fool?


    Pedo-bear themed 1st?



    tiki why not cue up your images and have them auto post every X number of hours? I did this with my wordpress site (now closed) using virtual cron jobs etc. There’s plugins for wordpress that allow you to put in dozens or pictures, write the post then using cron jobs have it post later on it’s own.


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