Welcome to the new sever

Welcome to the new place, it’s the same as the old place, just with newer hard drives.

I’m still figuring out why all the subdomains are broken, so please excuse the dust!

Edit: two major changes in the back end, should be nice and speedy for the weekend, let me know if you see weirdness please.

Edit: three major changes just released and the server’s at like 1/3 of the processor usage it was just moments ago.


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    The site seems to load really slow now and I think the changeover ate a few of my comments. Just me?


    Cool. Appreciate the update.


    Very interesting


    Why do I keep getting these “chat request” boxes popping up in the lower right of my screen now? “ads by Clickadila”


    Ads keep bouncing me out on my smart phone.
    Kinda making the site unreadable.


    They keep stealing the focus from the main browser page and when you try to close it 5 porn pages pop up.


    The Clickadila ads are a special kind of yuck.


    “Hi, I’ll be your sever this evening!”

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