Hotlinked images return!

I’ve re-enabled hotlinked images, I figured out how to set up the watermarking so it would only do it once, and not every time someone loaded the image. This, I have found out, is called caching.

Want to thank me? you can do so either by signing up for a dropbox account and giving me (and yourself apparently) an extra 250 megs of space, or you can visit my wishlist and buy me cookies.

Also, those of you that are following me on twitter are aware of this, but my a/c broke. In the middle of August. In Florida.

Ugh. and I have no more whiskey in the house, so I think it’s going to be a looong night tonight.

edit: Also: Advertisements.  too many?  not enough?  or do you block them all?

edit2: Ratings are turned back on too, but only logged in users can see them or use them.  Also, logged in users don’t get fullscreen adverts over on

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    Most excellent news. Apparently I’ve got all ads blocked; I don’t see any.




    I just don’t like the ads on the top bar and in between posts. They’re kind of chunky with the side ones.


    your tha man once again tiki…


    I’m getting watermarked images, even when I’m on myconfinedspace itself. I’m running squid in a fairly privacy-enhancing mode, so that may have something to do with it.

    Are you just checking the referrer to know if it’s supposed to be watermarked or not, ’cause I’ve got those blocked.


    Keep up the good work Tiki! No more ads please.


    I block my ads, sorry Tiki. =(
    *wishes A/C upon you*


    Thank you.
    Dropbox’d yesterday.
    Blocking ads.


    Maybe I’m crazy, but I could have sworn I came here the other day and there was a quite sleek and minimal design, white background, blue top mcs header… sure wish that would come back.


    Me too.


    no youre crazy.

    fyi tiki i dont block ads, they help me find new webcomics =D but usually they suck


    The ads are tacky and there aren’t nearly enough gay ones.

    hye tiki if you want some good cookies im the guy to come see, i work at a double tree hotel and we got some slamming good cookies. hit me up i got what you need lmao. they got chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and brown sugar….mmmm…im surprised im not fat from how many cookies i’ve eaten.


    Since the Evony ad “infection” I’ve blocked adds on every computer I touch which is anywhere from 3-30 a day. 😛

    I too still see watermarked images here while logged in to MCS. Strange.

    As for the A/C…sorry to hear it. But I’d rather be in Florida with no A/C than Iraq with 130+ weather everyday.


    Not at all Sir Tiki. I was sarcastically referring to the insane amount of Evony adds with that slutty medieval times chic on them. And by insane amount I mean every fucking website I visit has Evony ads, so I blocked them. Sorry for the scare.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Looks like fail to me. For some reason, about half the images have the watermark, and half don’t. I too run heavy adblocking, so I suppose that has something to do with it. I’d mostly be happy if Google Reader got the RSS feed right. Don’t know if the problem is on your end or Google’s end, but most of the time, the pictures don’t load up at all and I have to visit mcs directly.


    regarding ads: I subscribe to the RSS feed and only look at the postings from my Sage-too aggregator on Firefox. So I hardly ever see the main site. I have seen ads on other blogs in the aggregator so I know it is possible but one peeve with that is sometimes the ads are so large they get annoying. As long as the ads are only 3 or 4 lines high on the aggregator they aren’t too bad. I personally would not mind if you added small ads to the feed, I know it costs a pretty penny to keep… Read more »


    YAY! Thank you for the hotlinking — I like following M[c]S on Google Reader. I went and signed up for a Dropbox as soon as I read this post. 🙂

    As for ads, IMO it’s too many, but whatever. I tune them out. *shrug*