no gore images will ever be approved on MCS

you stupid fucks that keep submitting that image of the dude getting his fucking head speared by a bull need to cut that shit out.  It will never be approved, so go fucking read the god damn upload instructions. Does your image include gore?  go fuck yourself, it’s not going up on mcs.

mods, make a note and don’t upload that shit yourself.

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    what if its fake or artistic? you’ve done a few posts of mine that had blood in them. what counts as ‘gore?’


    Cannot be unimagined…


    the internet is truly fucked up.


    okay, thanks for explaining it Tiki, that seems like a pretty fair rule.

    Just This Guy, You Know?

    The guy fucking what now? O_o


    dammit! that all sounds like stuff i’d like to “accidentally” stumble across, but i don’t have enough balls to search for! XD


    Now i’m curious to see the damn thing.
    How bad can it be? Can’t be any worse that looking at all of Casemod’s self indulging posts.
    Why not post it in a gore forum, like the NSFW one?

    Insanely Rational

    Just GIS “Julio Aparicio” and you’ll find a dozen pics of him eating a bull’s horn the wrong way.


    *starts slow clap*


    *starts jacking off*




    Sorry ’bout that. I really didn’t think it was gory, no blood or anything. It seemed more like a “Oh, this isn’t gonna end well!” type of pic.


    S’ok, mine go straight through, so I need to understand what ‘gore’ is on here.


    He said no gore. That’s what a bull does. Get it?! I know, right?

    Wait, what?


    Felt the same as Nyokki about the bull pic.
    I know what internet gore is. Can`t stomach the shit.
    This to me was more a horrific “in the news” item.

    This is bull.


    Pics of bull goring a bullfighter > pictures of you in different shirts.


    I flipped through catalogs and wondered: What kind of dining set defines me as a person?


    I love you tiki.


    i thought the bullfighter was just a revenge pic. 🙂


    Here folks.Get you fill.The absolute asshole of the internet.””.This is the shit nightmares are made of.

    UUUUUU tiki is going to beat your ass.


    Oh shit.I thought he meant Al Gore!


    oh dear god. why did i look?! why cant i stop looking?! i’ve seen random fucked up shit, but not all at once… wtf is wrong with you, and now me?! it is a literal plethora of horrid images


    I wasn`t exaggerating one bit,was I?


    I love it when Tiki lays down the fucking LAW. He is Judge Dredd.


    I feel sorry for Tiki now. I’m sure he spends a lot of time wading through nastiness.


    Reading the rules reminds me did we ever fix that google ads thing?


    that reminds me…is it time for xMissCaptainCrunchx to post her pics yet?


    end of June, i believe

    casemods UID# 667

    start banning people who try to upload it.

    delete the accounts


    I’m surprised to hear this from Tiki, and surprised that he’s so upset about it, when he allows shite like this, AND NOT EVEN UNDER THE NSFW CUT:
    (HORRIBLE PICS IMHO, don’t click unless you’re sure you wanna see)

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