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You now have the ability to add any post to your own “favorite” list.  You can find a link to your favorite posts right next to your gravatar in the sidebar.  Unwashed masses will not be able to favorite things, sorry, you’ll need to log in.  Everyone will be able to see the “top 10 favorited” posts in the sidebar though, I’m interested in seeing what shows up there.

Also, remember that MCS Live is fully functional, I see no reason to cache the output, it didn’t affect server performance at all.

Please remember to “Like” MCS on facebook if you have a moment.

Also, please feel free to visit imgderp, a domain that I setup specifically for those of us that enjoyed the insanity of random theme days and can handle seeing a pony or two.

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    that list better get #1 ponies or I am doping a pony folder,
    site is getting low on the mcs+


    Don’t dope the ponies, let them be carefree, and happy without drugs.


    Tiki, since you got the time, and, apparently, the will to tinker, can you make main mcs “remember” all of author’s comments, not just the last 5 ?

    Luke Magnifico

    People are favouriting really weird things.


    Something is wrong, there is no way that a casemods post is the most Favorited post. Either the feature is broken or we’re being trolled.


    Anyone who doesn’t favourite moldy bible should be shot in the dick or lack thereof.


    Which one?