No Pubic Option!

via Cynical-C

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    OK, we’ll scratch the pubic option.

    Joeseph Goebbels

    What’s a pubic oplion?




    Jesus, the one thing either side left or right cannot grasp is a G-damn compromise, wtf.


    Jesus, the one thing either far side left or right cannot grasp is a G-damn compromise, wtf.

    fracked again

    So important, you posted twice!

    The dems are trying to offer compromises, day in and day out. The public option is a compromise in itself. The repubs will only be happy if nothing passes, because insurance companies are more important than people.


    I knew this was coming… take a look at the latter post, “far” right or left. Either that is far left or far right are unintelligent, I mean it’s nice to see the right worked up about something other than abortion or gay marriage. And dude you can say all you want about why the Repubs don’t want it, it’s not that they cherish insurance companies man… For me it’s the fear of government control (not socialism) but I have seen what life is like at the hands and care of the government and trust me it’s not efficient. Insurance… Read more »


    I’d be happy w/ regulation of the insurance companies. I do alright; I have insurance for myself and through hubby’s job, but when he switched jobs last year, we had to go through COBRA, and that cost me nearly $2000 a month. Which is why I am now signed up through my job. It pisses me off that 2 of my 3 sons have no insurance because they’re self-employed. Some basic health and dental should be affordable by anyone who works and makes minimum wage. Sliding scale pricing would be worth looking at too. I have no real problem w/… Read more »


    Anyone could be covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield with various rates and co-pay options, I did it for a while rather than taking on Tricare’s shit coverage. Also, one of my guys in his civilian field, he’s a roofer pulling in 120,000 a year, self employed, doesn’t opt for health insurance, just LLC, he definitely doesn’t pay taxes on all that he earns in fact he asked me to check his figures and he claimed 23,000 with his reservist pay. I don’t think it’s an isolated incident in fact he’s done it 4 times since. He could be paying… Read more »


    It doesn’t work if you have pre-existing condition. There’s currently no inexpensive way to insure yourself then.


    I understand it’s significantly more expensive for someone with a pre-existing condition, but I have seldom met anyone that was incapable of getting a position with a company that offers health insurance… I’m unemployed with my benefits coming near expiration soon and I will have to figure out a way to gain benefits for my pregnant wife and I, but I hardly feel it is my government, city, county, state, or or countries responsibility to make a way for us… it’s out there if I’m hungry enough. I know it sounds cold, but I have had to make a way… Read more »


    I’m definitely not clear, I do think we need reform, I am just not enthusiastic about what I have read from the bill thus far.


    Also Nyokki, I have been actually looking at the “raw” bill rather than some glorified inturpritation and it seems like there is allot to gain here, if competitive insurance companies want to exist then they have to fit within certain guide-lines set by an association.
    I feel like a chump everyone, damn those tainted cliff notes…
    Still trying to interpret the 1071 pages in bureaucratic form,


    *interpretation *than


    Just a few things here: 1) It’s called a public OPTION. Nobody is forcing you into into unmanageable, inefficient care. This will be expensive in taxes, yes. But TARP was much more expensive, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are much more expensive, and the trillions it would take to get our infrastructure back up to speed would be the most expensive of all. This at least is something that people you actually have to deal with get measurable results from, not just suits in a corporation. 2) For all it’s faults, the VA still has higher satisfaction ratings than… Read more »

    fracked again

    Even with the “far” line, you are still wrong. The left (including far) has offered compromise, the right (all of it) has refused. There will be inefficiencies with either a private or public system, but with private, you pay for several more layers of needless bureaucracy and billions for executives who perform no useful service. Insurance rates also increase based on stock market performance. Bad market, higher rates. Your premiums go into their stocks and bonds and if they don’t make enough money in a year on stocks, you pay more next year. Yes, hospital costs need to be reigned… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    They should cut back on the Fox News pablum. Someone should ‘shop in the “Get a brain! Morans” guy.


    Massachusetts has managed to find a way for 97.5% of its citizens have insurance. Apparently whatever they did isn’t good enough for the other 49 states.


    Take a look around the world at the best practices & you’ll see that the single payer option delivers everything that is desired. Universal access, lower costs & good quality care. Debunk the myths surrounding this discussion. There are no “death panels” in the UK or Canada or anywhere else for that matter. Think outside the box & see what’s possible. The vested interests have so much to lose & are putting up the fight of their lives. Live up to your credo & think freely. Richard Nixon’s inaugural speech still rings true, even if he was a “crook”; You’re… Read more »


    We have mandatory insurance for our cars, because our cars are important.

    People, though? Who the fuck cares, they aren’t cars!


    We have mandatory insurance for our cars (LIABILITY) so if we injure someone there is funds available to help them…
    And your statement isn’t true you don’t have to have car insurance in all states or if you don’t have a care.


    I don’t know if that’s a good comparison. Car insurance only covers accidental damage and/or vandalism depending on your coverage. If the car care/insurance industry was like the health insurance industry, it would cost $300 for an oil change, $1,000 for a new set of tires, and you’d leave your mechanic with a bunch of additives you may or may not need.

    Although, if a finger got stuck up someone’s tailpipe, this time it would be burnt.


    I wouldn’t mind if the government helped me out. I make about 650 a month, with my parents helping me out with Blue Cross, which doesn’t pay for half of anything if I ever need any sort of medical. I have asthma and it cost me 45 just to get a tiny ass inhaler which lasted me a good 2 weeks before it was done. And out of that 45, Blue Cross payed a whopping 10 dollars. God forbid I get into any serious medical trouble, I might as well go to that back alley guy and trade my kidneys… Read more »


    That’s more the fault of all-profit pharmaceutical companies than it is a (supposedly) non-profit insurer like Blue Cross. Most pharmaceutical companies spend money on R&D (supposedly again) and greasing the wheels in the FDA — The actual production costs of medicine are nominal, they just jack the price way up to gouge patients and squeeze insurers. Which is why people order generic meds from Canada at a fraction of cost.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I’d bet this lady $1000 she couldn’t give a correct definition of socialism. And I’m pretty sure I’d come away $1000 richer from that encounter.


    This woman looks like she has 1,000 dollars to bet with???