Venn Diagram


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    Sorry Comrade, but no one is buying the borscht shit this year. This diagram is complete crap/disinformation, so you know where you can stick your greel/libertarian clown vote.


    At least eleven of the points overlapping are utter bullshit.


    The Republicans are trying to force through a SCJ who has said that she’s okay with RE-SEGREGATING SCHOOLS. Don’t act like the two parties are the same.


    And if your beloved squad keeps pushing he will be in power sooner rather than later. Diagrams like this is why everyone hates Hard Left bullshit: because it’s just that, fairytale wish list bullshit mixed with constant unfounded criticism of everything that isn’t vague, overreaching, utopian garbage. Look at the “Green New Deal” At it’s heart it’s crap, with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in, purposely designed to infuriate everyone who isn’t a Marxist, as exactingly divisive to the USA as everything else funded by Moscow.


    Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be for this guy if it wasn’t the Republicans calling for segregation?



    I like how no-one can point out why anything in this is wrong. Just, “REEEEEE…!!!”

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