Oh Canada!

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kate ground oh canada!.jpg (59 KB)

kate ground, oh canada indeed!.jpg (61 KB)

Have a Happy Canada Day everyone!

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    That’s Kate, or Natalie, or something… she’s hot… cam whore though… don’t get the thing where you must pay to see her nipples… that’s for people without imagination…


    I think, “Tits or GTFO,” works here. Amirite?


    This is hoof girl amirite?

    Also it could be dirt but that looks like a partial nipple in the second picture.

    Either way I’d say this wasn’t very work friendly.

    tiki god

    yes, this is the hoof girl.


    I think it is so cute how different States in America have their own holidays.

    Here in Pennsylvania we like to have the first day of deer season off.

    I understand in Minnesota the first day of ice fishing is a State Holiday.

    z0mbi3. For real? Where do you work? A Church? perhaps a daycare center?

    tiki god

    wtf are you even talking about. The only holidays that are celebrated are federal ones, I’ve never heard of a ‘state holiday’ before you came in here with your insanity.


    Yesterday was Canada Day….


    that’s a damn fine lookin’ woman.


    Yeah, it’s hoof girl, and she lives up in my lil corner of Canadia. I had the (mis)fortune of meeting her in a club once. I guess a lot of people are paying to see them boobies, because she has herself an entourage of very large men who will hurt you if you ask about the hoof.

    fracked again

    This is a perfect example of a softcore model hitting the wall in slow motion. Another five years and she’ll be switching to milf porn.

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