Vegetarian Taste Better


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    So, that’s mean that Hitler tasted good? Lucky, Eva.



    Prove it, taste test time.


    I’d “Ranch Dressing” her “Salad”.


    It’s true, we do taste better. I’ve heard we also go really well with Chianti…


    I absolutely love how every man in the picture is smiling ear to ear, while every woman in the picture (except the lettuce clad hotties) has a look of disgust.


    On second thought, it would be hilarious if someone ran up and dumped a bucket of vegetable juice on both of them.

    DAMN YOU PETA!!!!!


    So instead of rightfully using most parts of the animal (the meat for food, the fat for tallow, etc) you’d rather we have amber waves of grain, and when they’re harvested, God knows how many cute little bunnies and squirrels are crushed by combine blades? Jackasses.

    I’ll stop eating meat when you stop being such hypocritical assholes.


    PETA has killed thousands of animals in their care, compare the “blight” of chickens with the holocust, made statements that the life of a rat is more important than the life of a child, support physical attacks on people and hire exterminators to rid their buildings of “pest”, all the while calling us omnivores murders, they are hypocrites.

    PETA is not about animals, it’s really a money making industry. The leaders are no different than religious avangelist and PETA members are on par with Jehovah Witnesses.


    The only reason I’d become a vegitarian is if miraculously vegetables grew vocal cords, and screamed violently when killed.

    Something about the abuse makes everything taste better to me.


    This reminds me of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. The dastardly but very fashionable villianess wears a bikini made out of lettuce leaves in her last appearance…


    Seems the message there is PETA supports (and encourages?) prostitution…



    Yes. That’s where I got it from. I paraphrased. I guess now I have to include a works cited in every single one of my posts.


    LOL Kaze. well Emulated. Damn, reminds me of a picture I saw of a carrpt protecting another one from a human. Wish I knew where I had seen it.


    Vegetable, noun: what food eats.


    15 comments in and nobody has made a comment about giving them meat?


    Q: What’s the hardest thing about eating a vegetable?

    A: Manipulating the wheelchair.


    vegetarian does not equal peta. i’ve been a vegetarian for almost two decades and peta does NOT speak for me. those people are nuts.


    It’s not that you didn’t “cite your source” (What is this, high school?) It’s that you attempted to pass off Maddox’s writings as your own (Plagiarism? Ok, maybe this *is* high school.) and, presumably, hoped no one would notice and/or praise you for your copy-and-pasted “wit.”

    Sneaky Snake

    You ended the lives of those innocent lettuce leaves just so you could make your slutty bikini?



    think she has tomato pasties under that lettuce bra?


    Vegetarians do taste better, just like how cows taste better than coyotes.


    vegetarians might not equal peta. but in this case it does.


    Vegetarians certianly don’t smell better.


    So I’m guessing you’ve never used a Chuck Norris joke… or said anything from a website without immediately referring people to it? I hope you haven’t put any pics from myconfinedspace up anywhere, or used them as your desktop- that would be plagiarism. Learn to internet.


    I’ve never used someone else’s arguments and tried to win free internets by indirectly (or hell, directly) claiming them as my own, no.

    And for the record, plagiarism only applies when you attempt to pass off someone else’s work as your own. Desktop wallpapers don’t do that. Learn to dictionary.

    Oh, and there are 3 Ys in Mayyday. ^_~


    Vegetarians smell just fine. Hippies, however, are smelly nasty things.

    And, yeah, PETA does not speak for me. I don’t care what anyone else eats, but I don’t eat meat and I might wear a lettuce bikini this summer…

    Billy Manic

    I’m sure all of our taste buds work the same.

    purple banana

    Plants feel a neurological response very similar to pain when damaged or picked…

    With all this whining about cruelty to animals by eating meat (I try for free-range and hormone-free meat; I’ve got Addison’s, and some excessive hormones really do make me a bit sicker) with all respect, have vegetarians ever traveled to Kenya to see a pride of lionesses take down a zebra? They frequently eat it while it’s still alive. Blood everywhere; the zebra usually still feels pain if its spine isn’t broken already… Nature can be extremely violent (and entertaining) to its own animals- why should humans get flack for what they do naturally?


    “why should humans get flack for what they do naturally?”

    Because we have something animals don’t – the ability to choose. We can choose to lessen pain and suffering, but a lion or a shark, or a sharklion or crabshark, can only choose one thing: to be what it is. Our nature is to be what we want, to shape our environment and ourselves as we see fit. And we’re not only capable of self-awareness, but awareness of others, too. To ignore and discard that is to disregard the very core of our humanity.

    Comparing animal nature and human ethics is like comparing apples and transistors.

    No, I’m not a vegetarian.

    anyways, back to internets, lol dongs


    (“Vegetable, noun: what food eats.”):
    Better than the previous best I’d heard:
    “Vegetarian: Primitive word for lousy hunter”

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