Obama had a slow website

Obama had a slow website.jpg

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    And Obama looks like a president.


    actually, with that profile shot he looks like the evil bastard that always backstabs everyone on Revolution….


    When did I ever say presidents can’t look like/be evil bastards?


    Let’s talk about the loss of jobs in the USA, the total collapse of the horror that is Obamacare (higher premiums, loss of coverage, loss of doctors, loss of hospitals, etc.), Benghazi, a foreign policy that has made us weaker, a government who is spying on us more than it ever has (NSA), a government who is using the IRS to attack it’s citizens, and, what’s that . . . oh – BUSH!!


    Why bother talking to you? Anyone that’s been around here knows you run away at the slightest provocation. I can have half a conversation without you. /ad hominem.


    The WMD’s have been found in Iran. The Middle Eastern nations want you to be DEAD. Obama has done essentially nothing to quell Middle Eastern terrorism.

    Clever post, when you consider your company.

    Old Tofu

    iran? have you been watching fox again?


    Get your facts straight and stop spreading ignorant drivel all over he internet. Obamacare is the worst disaster of modern times. www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2013/jun/17/morgan-griffith/morgan-griffith-says-gao-estimates-obamacare-will-/