Africa At The Boiling Point

Africa At The Boiling Point

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    What a propaganda piece of crap. They are not showing any Chinese and Russian military activities, of which there are many. Hell, a Russian fighter pilot was recently killed in Sudan when he was shot down while attacking rebel ground units. The Chinese are arming anyone and everyone and placing military personel in those places with access to oil.

    Another clue this is propaganda is showing southwest Asia as part of Africa, which it is not.


    You’re an idiot.

    Africa will be the next hot-spot in the near future, America will get heavily involved with Africa no matter what. Mark my words.


    Nah, the US will have crashed by the time it would have gotten involved in Africa.


    the proximity of africa to those “southwest Asian” countries is very relevant to “Africa At The Boiling Point”


    Wow, Gor. The Chinese are now doing, to a far lesser extent, exactly what Reagan and the American investors in the world bank did throughout the eighties. Except in less countries.

    At least Hu Jintao never stayed in one of Mobutu Sese Seko’s mansions and called him a hero of democracy.

    Gor, seriously, you are one stupid shit. You are the stupidest shit ever to his this site. At least most of the bad posters are obviously young, or /b/tarded trolls, but the fact that you are so genuine in your stupidity, and so clueless as to how you look to a human being of average intelligence, you’re actually looking like some kind of one-dimensional stock idiot character. It’s like you exist *just* to be a dumbfuck.


    Caio ur response to this post is far more entertaining than the post itself! Well done ole chap.


    LOL, I know when I get Caio and dia name calling me over a simple post I must be right!

    Your blindness to your hatred to the US is so apparent that it’s a mark of pride to see your retards get your panies in a bunch over facts.


    This bullshit display doesn’t show any of Al Queda’s military activities. In Algeria alone, Al Queda suicide bombers killed and injured thousands of civilians in 2007 and more look likely in 2008. where’s you outrage there?

    China has repeatedly been caught violating UN arm sanctions into places like Zimbabwe and recently a Chinese ship was caught trying to secretly off-load illegal weapons in South Africa, where’s your outrage there?

    Russian is also violating UN arm santions into Africa and both Russian and China has vetoed any UN attempt to stop the genocide in Dafur, where’s your outrage there?

    You “gentleman” are just another bunch of hypocrites, because you won’t hold other countries like Russian and China to the same standards as you do the US.


    Wow, gor, you’re a defencive idiot aren’t you?

    What I was saying was that, for example, if you criticize Russia for doing something, your own elected government shouldn’t be guilty as well.

    I guess it’s OK when the pure Aryan race does it, but the Asians or Slavs do it’s genocide, right?


    Gor’s idea of patriotism is closing your eyes and covering your ears and screaming ‘lalalallalalalalala’ whenever you hear a fact you don’t like (for example the fact that America is responsible for Apartheid and the current problems in Mozambique and Zaire).

    Person 1: Boy, that traffic light is sure badly placed. Someone should write city hall!


    fuck afrika

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