Dems ’08

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    Yeah, well, Hillary wasn’t under sniper fire and was involved in a real estate scandal. So there.

    Alec Dalek

    ^^^ yes Hilary fails because as you know, presidents have always been perfect. You make one single mistake in your life, and that’s it, you’re out.

    tiki god

    shit, i’m ok with one or two fuck ups, like the clintons are so fond of doing, even reagan only had a couple major things go wrong. I doubt any of their fuckups lead to a quarter million people deathed to death.


    Wasn’t this a HuffPost deal, putting this together?

    Also, incoming 30+ posts and flaming and whatnot, probaby started by one of our lovely right-wing trolls. I’m going to bow out and not take another look here, lest my blood pressure skyrocket.



    GODDAMN I am glad I am an Aussie, and now we have a leader [not a follower]. Kevin Rudd [Prime Minister of Australia] is the balls for telling Bush that we a re pulling our troops!Our old leader John Howard brown nosed Bush ever so badly…me thinks he couldn’t get his tongue deep enough in Bush’s ass.


    Bush: 4 more years.

    I said it.


    tiki, The casualtie rate is nothing like the civil wars casualty rate which has been proven to be 600,000 and at maximum estimate 700,000.

    You know i always giggle when people are both “shocked and appalled” that the US tortures or humiliates its prisoners.

    tiki god

    are you talking about the US civil war?

    what the fuck does that have to do with this?


    tiki 10 post:

    greenie: you’d be surprised.

    a bit long, but it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to get the jist.


    Well the point i am making is that there have been bloodier wars that the US has fought. Casualties in general suck ass be it one or one million but this war could be far worse.

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