Good thing MacGyver is one of the good guys.

Nail Clippers.png (196 KB)

Scared people makes for bad legislators.

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    And America is full of a bunch of pussies. Especially ones that call themselves politicians.


    I wanted to thumbs up your for the part about the politicians, but I can’t because of the generalization about all other Americans. Yes, there are unfortunately a lot of pussies in the US (and in other countries around the world), like those retards who were scared of the Mooninites in Boston for example, but not all of us are.


    that’s the nail clippers lobby at work.


    Don’t knock the nail clippers. I’ve overthrown governments, prevented genocide, and cured cancer with them nail clippers.

    Don’t you ever ever underestimate the nail clipper.


    I can hijack a plane with my dick


    I’ll just use a pen. Their not illegal.


    Don’t give them any ideas!


    You don’t know how many times I’ve sat on a plane thinking “god, if I only had some nail clippers”


    “Take this plane to cuba or I’ll manicure the FUCK out of you”… somehow not high on My list of worries.

    John Schulien

    It never occurred to me until right now that the reason nail clippers are probably prohibited is not that you can hijack a plane with them but that you could use them to cut wires.


    John Lithgow defused a nuke with one.


    Me either.

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