Scary House

fjortisfangelse.jpg (891 KB)

Anyone got the faintest idea where this might be? Found it randomly in an image library with no notes.

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    Leonardo Da Nietzsche



    I’d give anything to know a place like this. There are so many questionable things one could do in this house.


    If you take me along, I won’t question any of it.

    @Leonardo Da Nietzsche:


    Naturally, but said doings would be questionable, still.

    @Leonardo Da Nietzsche:

    Luke Magnifico

    Oh, yeah, I know this house.

    This is where I do all my murders.

    Guess how many corpses are crammed into that chimney on the left there!

    (PROTIP: People are more compact when reduced to their components!)



    I laugh at you.

    PROTIP: Burning your victims and using their ashes for some disgusting BBQ snack that you’re going to hand out to strangers on the street is the best way to get rid of the corpses.

    And you cram their body parts into chimneys? Real smooth, Luke, real smooth.


    Heh. Innsmouth, MA.

    Luke Magnifico

    @dieAntagonista: Burning them does not allow for the crazinss that will ensue when demolition crews finally rip this place down and are greeted by a pile of dismembered corpses.

    Your disposal method does not allow for a horror movie adaption.



    @borked: Thats only a few hours from my house. be nice to check out an abandoned school, and stray away from the industrial scene


    @LukeV1-5: Oh yeah, but unlike you I can actually continue with murdering people. You know why? BECAUSE YOU ARE BOUND TO GET CAUGHT. So if we do it your way, it does not allow for a sequel. I guess there could be a prequel, but who would actually bother with a film about the kind of guy who crams body parts into chimneys. Besides, unlike you I have some deep philosophical elements. My victims continue to live, metaphorically, within the bodies of the people who eat them. I am basically creating a big pseudo zombie metaphor there, just by killing… Read more »


    @dieAntagonista: DAMN! LOL.. dont piss her off! shes got it down. Round here we just stuff em in a trunk and drive to the desert- pull em out, smash all the bones and let the red ants do their job..


    The Adams Family live in there!!!



    Ants are fucking scary.

    Ever seen “Them!”?


    @RSIxidor: no, but now i’ve got my “lackluster” list for tonite. Them!, the machinist, Nightwatch (the forign one), coolworld… well see how many of these blockbuster actually has..fuckin ghetto movie store.


    @dieAntagonista: I think I heart you 🙂

    Luke sei Vadder

    I dont murder peoole . I just stuff them into chimneys.


    Coolworld is the shit! I understand The Machinist is extremely good.

    @Luke sei Vadder:
    Now I blunderstand.


    @King_Groovy: True that!


    It took 88 years to figure out that women shouldn’t go to college?


    Not much left of the place, so sad….
    As an old ruined house it would have made for a nice outing…but burnt up ? not much would be left to see, not even the corpses in the walls would have skellies for us to see ;(


    @Vrik: Nah. The windows would be boarded up.


    @dieAntagonista: Soylent Green! Almost makes me wish they’d remake the movie, but it would be shit.


    Here you guys go. It’s Bennett School for Girls. It’s an abandoned college in Millbrok, NY. Half of it is located in the deep woods…. have fun 😀 (i sure did)