child soldier

child soldier

from what I hear, kids are pretty good soldiers.

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    hmmm… looks like we have these back home

    Luke Magnifico

    In a post apocalyptic environment children are the most dangerous threat as they have an undeveloped moral compass, they have less attachment to the laws and standards of the previous environment and their actions rely more on instinct than those of adults which gives their survival instinct more sway in subconscious decision-making.

    So when the bomb drops just shoot them all.


    also harder targets to hit… fucking ninjas..

    casemods UID# 667

    Someone gimp some hip-hop clothes and costume jewelry on him and we got ourselves some auto-ethnic cleansing


    Child soldiers really make me sad and angry. I mean why can he just have a fully automatic AK47? It’s not fucking fair. To get one in America I have to go through the federal government and spend almost $20,000. Fucking bullshit. Meanwhile in Somalia they cost like $50 and they have no federal government at all. Plus they have pirates, which is super awesome.

    casemods UID# 667

    Because it’s better not to live in poverty, even if the government and whoever else rapes us for taxes and bullshit laws.


    I want to know if and how he can fire that thing accurately.


    This kid plays Call of Duty IRL.


    How can you shoot child soldiers? Easy, you just don’t lead ’em so much! AHAHAHA!! Ain’t war hell!


    There is no more user-friendly weapon than the AK-47 series of rifles. Odds are very good that he can put lead on target just fine…as soon as someone tells him how to use the stock correctly. The reason corrupt regimes (and terrorist organizations) use children this way is, as stated above, their yet undeveloped moral center. Also, a human’s capacity to truly understand causality and the consequences of events an actions does not fully develop until about age 25.